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28. 04. 2023

Masaa Album "Beit" out (incl. Video)

Today, Masaa ´s new album "BEIT" is out! Thank you Marcus, Reentko and Demian for all the intense work on this heartfelt album! Thank you Bjarke Falgren for your incredible contributions!

16. 04. 2023

rbb Kultur Late Night Jazz

Masaa - Between day and night

Masaa means "the evening" in Arabic. The music of this quartet mixes poetry and contemporary jazz. The improvised verses of the Lebanese singer Rabih Lahoud cross paths with the trumpet of Marcus Rust and the guitar of Reentko Dirks - but without serving the usual Oriental clichés of world jazz.

14. 04. 2023

New Masaa single and video - La résistance

31. 03. 2023

New Masaa single and video - Mantra

Mantra is a very personal and intimate song of the upcoming album BEIT (Apr 28). The video by Javier Sobremazas Filmmaker captures this atmosphere in its very own way.

Our friend Bjarke Falgren from Denmark has contributed to this song in a way that we didn't even hope for. Thank you so much Bjarke and Javier!

30.03.2023 ∙ puzzle ∙ BR Television

Band Masaa: Arabic Lyrics between Jazz and Rap

Beit means house in Arabic and is the title of the album by the band Masaa. Arabic lyrics merge with beats between jazz and rap. The award-winning quartet around Lebanese-born singer Rabih Lahoud is all about being a place where people connect with each other.
Video available: until 26.03.2024 ∙ 11:30 pm


24. 03. 2023

New Masaa single and Video - Flowers

Our new album "beit" will be released on April 28th at Traumton and will be fully presented at the Kölner Philharmonie on April 15th (with special guest Bjarke Falgren). For the full video, directed by Javier Sobremazas Filmmaker, check out

12. 03. 2023  | from Weiler Zeitung   |

MASAA in the Burghof: Sounds that want to bring peace

MASAA, that's (from left) Reentko Dirks (double-neck guitar), Rabih Laboud (vocals), Marcus Rust (trumpet) and Demian Kappenstein (drums). The quartet enthused in the Burghof. Photo: Tonio Paßlick
MASAA, that's (from left) Reentko Dirks (double-neck guitar), Rabih Laboud (vocals), Marcus Rust (trumpet) and Demian Kappenstein (drums). The quartet enthused in the Burghof. Photo: Tonio Paßlick

Article by Tonio Paßlick

Right at the beginning of the concert, the singer shows his sensitive, kind, vulnerable side. "I don't know you at all" - a confession, as it were, of how he understands his music and his songs. As an overcoming of borders and distances, which in the mystical power of music gets by without analytical categories, which can build bridges, create peace. The four musicians play as if immersed in prayer, then again ecstatically like dancing dervishes. Subtle, sensitive and open to every new nuance. And at the same time receptive to resonance. They were so tired after a long drive, Laboud says with a quiet smile. But this warm welcome from this great team in the Burghof: unique.


09.03.2023            from

Masaa Quartet at Chios Music Festival | A Surprise in Music Notes, Not Just Ethnic Jazz

Three German jazz musicians and a German-Lebanese poet and singer: this is what gives Masaa its unique sound. In conversation with Stefan Franzen, vocalist Rabih Lahoud reflects on settling in Germany, his relationship with a changing Arabic language and music categorisations

February 10, 2023

Masaa new video

Freedom Dance

Freedom Dance
Freedom Dance
our new video FREEDOM DANCE feat. Bjarke Falgren is out today and can be watched on youtube and streamed on all platforms!


podcast "the other you"

January 22, 2023

Friends & singers,
here's a great new podcast episode from Janda with Rabih Lahoud, a singer with a moving biography & voice.
Check it out.    LINK (only german)

NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE! Episode 4 of "THE OTHER YOU", my podcast about pop, personality and voice.

This time the guest is the impressive singer Rabih Lahoud.  In addition to his band Masaa, he is not only a soloist and composer on the road, he is also one of the most sought-after vocal lecturers in the country.

In this episode we talk about his growing up in the shadow of the Middle East conflict, his arrival in Europe and how he finally found his way on stage as a singer. If you also want to know how this life journey inspired his recently published book "Voice in Flow", then listen in.

Thank you for your openness, dear Rabih. I have been able to learn a lot from you in this conversation.

Music: @keymer_music
Mixing: @andrew__nada
Artwork: Christian Brinkmann
Support: @defne.sahin

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03. 06. 2023 | Dresden | Jazzclub Tonne LINK

04. 06. 2023 | Görlitz | Jazztage Görlitz LINK

20. 06. 2023 | Stuttgart | Musikfest LINK

22. 06. 2023 | München | Jazzclub Unterfahrt

27. 06. 2023 | Nürnberg | Germanisches Nationalmuseum LINK
28. 06. 2023 | Pullach | Bürgerhaus
06. 07. 2023 | Ulm | Ulmer Zelt
07. 07. 2023 | Kraichtal | International Jazz Festival

14. 07. 2023 | Bad Gandersheim | Open Air, Landesgartenschau

8. 09. 2023 | Greven | Ems Jazz Festival
24. 11. 2023 | Göppingen | ODEON im Alten E-Werk
08. 05. 2024 | Potsdam | Nicolaisaal Potsdam



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01. 07. 2023 | Osnabrück| Morgenland Festival, Transforming Now


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