Masaa: La résistance

Masaa: Mantra

31. 03. 2023

Mantra is a very personal and intimate song from the upcoming album BEIT (28 April). The video by Javier Sobremazas Filmmaker captures this atmosphere in its own unique way.
Our friend Bjarke Falgren from Denmark contributed to this song in a way we hadn't even hoped for. Many thanks to Bjarke and Javier!

Masaa: Flowers

24. 03. 2023

New Masaa  single and video - Flowers.
Our album "beit" will be released on April 28th at Traumton  and will be fully presented at the Kölner Philharmonie  on April 15th (with special guest Bjarke Falgren). For the full video, directed by Javier Sobremazas Filmmaker

Masaa: new video (Ta voix)

We had the privilege to work with the great conductor Bernd Ruf and the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra.


Watch the video: Ta Voix


A big thank you goes out to Andreas Lammel for recording and mixing, and to Javier Sobremazas Filmmaker for the video production.

A big thank you also to Wanja Hüffell, Arne Müller and David Campesino.

Supported by Initiative Musik

The video is available on youtube



Masaa: Über mir (about me)

The video is available on youtube




People are walking and they are lost.
Their eyes are looking at me.
My dream is lost and my eyes fall asleep.
They are waiting for my dream.
Tell me where.

كل الناس ا لماشيي ضايعة كل عيون الناس عليي ح لمي ضايع عيوني غافيي غافيي وناطرة ح لمي إ ّلي لوين
Bernd Ruf / Musician - conductor
Rabih Lahoud - vocals; Marcus Rust - Flügelhorn; Clemens Pötzsch - Klavier; Demian Kappenstein - drums
Jenaer Philharmonie
music by Marcus Rust
actress: Jana Kühn & Lora
Music Video by Julius Gintaras Blum - recorded, mixed & mastered by Christian Jäger

Masaa at the St. Wendel Jazz Festival (18.09.2019)
SR Television "We in Saarland - Culture"

01. 07. 2019 | Woodstock Revival with Fireworks

Symphonic resurrection at the summer festival of the Rheingau Music Festival (Weltexpresso, Eva Mittmann)




The video is available on youtube    LINK


Lullaby for Jasu

"Outside the stars are red and in here my frightened daughter is sleeping. The thunder is loud. He comes and takes our sleep. He wakes up death.
He steals my daughter and my son.
But enveloped by my voice, they sleep on.
In my voice they hear the silence.
No thunder. No war.
Only peace.

نجوم الدنيي

برا حمرا
جوا خايفي بنتي
صوتو عالي الرعد الجايي
ياخد نوم يوعي الموت
يسرق مني بنتي وابني
بصوتي نامو ولادي
بصوتي سامعين رواء
ولا رعد ولا حرب
بس سلام نام

mit Reentko Dirks, Rabih Lahoud, Demian Kappenstein, Marcus Rust,
Thanks to: Thomas Loos (Video), Andreas Lammel (recording & mastering) and Popschutz Studio for the support, the great location and the good atmosphere.









The video is available on youtube   LINK

"Hakim" describes the inner wisdom in every single human being.

To discover this hidden wisdom in oneself and to draw it out in others is a great and important task today.
For me, this task is a great need and I hope that this need is highly contagious.

That is why I sing.


Fences protect people.
People protect fences.

We all sit behind a fence.
A fence protects a fence.

There comes a human being.
He comes to touch people.

"Transforming people!"

That's what I've heard.

"Your fences are nothing but clear cold water.
They are the light and they are the shadows.
They are both when the sun dances."











The video is available on youtube   LINK

Natra (recorded at Traumton studios Berlin in august 2016 by Martin Offik)
She is sleeping,
the tenderness is sleeping. Barefoot, she dances the time. She holds my hand and waits.

Sie schläft,
die Geborgenheit schläft. Barfuß tanzt sie die Zeit.
Sie hält meine Hand und wartet.


Elle dort,
La tendresse dort.
Les pieds nus, elle dance le temps. Elle tient ma main et attend.


The video is available on youtube



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