"Expanding Horizons"

Teaching is my great passion besides singing. I coach individuals, but also choirs and school classes.

It is important to me that everyone was able to find an individual solution to their questions, increase their skills and discover new horizons after the coaching.

I draw from an enormous fund of experience and derive a lot of joy from working with people. The Complete Vocal Technique® is just one of the many techniques I draw on in my coaching sessions.

choir coaching

In the past years I have coached about 30 choirs all over Germany. I work on the sounds, the blending, the intonation and the interpretation.
I work closely with the choir director, answer individual questions, bring along my own warm-up pieces and give an introduction to a practical singing technique.
Please send your inquiries to: info@rabihlahoud.de or use the contact form.


voice in flow

Flow and the 5 parameters of the voice

Flow is a state of consciousness in which mental instructions go directly into the body without obstruction.

In flow, the inner critic is silent, the sense of time is gone, and the activity at hand is effortless.
A deepening of the present moment.

An ideal state for the stage.
We go to concerts to experience people in the flow state and to get into the flow ourselves.



lecturer at universities

In addition to my guest professorship for popular singing at the Jazz Institute of the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin, I am regularly invited to give lectures and workshops at universities throughout Germany.
Among others, I have been a guest lecturer at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, the Cologne University of Music, the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre, the Mannheim University of Music and the Düsseldorf University of Music.

workshops & individual coaching

In my workshops I teach a manageable group of singers, usually combined with individual master-class sessions.

Please send your inquiries for workshops and private lessons to: info@rabihlahoud.de or use the contact form.

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